Berlin-Capital of Germany

The Silicon Valley Of Europe

Berlin, the city of creative energy, with innovative business ideas. The Europe's innovation capital.

The New Silicon Valley

We are fortunate to enjoy a young, creative culture. Berlin is the ideal place for startup founders.  Mix smart, ambitious entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas and a liberal pouring of venture capital investment dollars, and the result is a vibrant startup culture.

Berlin, a hub for work-life balance with a lot of cultural life and a thriving urban scene.

The city with a certain cool factor

Luckily, we enjoy a high quality of life with more than 600 art galleries, 270 movie theaters, 1,000 production companies, and various nightclubs, restaurants, festivals and events. Berlin cultural life proves to be rich and varied, giving employees at startups plenty of lifestyle enjoyment.

Aside from the many cultural happenings, numerous tech events serve the community.

Tech Events Highlight

Check out the updates on the latest events from and about tech & startup:

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Berlin-City Center

The Heart Of The Metropol